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Coaching in the Dojo - Workshop

Coaching in the Dojo is different than normal agile or scrum coaching. In the Dojo, you are using some agile practices, but you are coaching for learning instead of delivery.

What Do You Need To Know To Coach Well In The Dojo?

If you are a coach in a Dojo and need to understand the practices and purposes needed to help teams learn, this course is for you.

NOTE - This course assumes familiarity with the Dojo. If you are not familiar with the Dojo, we recommend taking the 2-day workshop on bootstrapping your dojo for context.

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to Aug 20

Creating and Running Your Dojo

Faced with the challenges of multiple new technologies, processes, and ways of thinking, many organizations are embracing Dojos - immersive learning centers - as a great way of quickly upskilling their staff as well as creating a cultural and organizational transformation.

But How Do You Start?....

If you are interested in starting your Dojo, then this workshop is for you.

Rather than being prescriptive, the workshop will guide participants in defining a strategy and format that enables them to create a Dojo meeting the specific learning goals of their organization. The workshop covers Dojo values, formats for offerings, and practices.

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