to Mar 8

Speaking on 'Metrics that Matter' at DevNexus

We are excited to return to DevNexus, an excellent conference in Atlanta. This year we will be presenting on ‘Metrics that Matter - Moving from Easy to Impactful.’ In this session we not only look at a variety of metrics, but we discuss strengths and weaknesses of the,. Throughout the session, we create a path for people to take towards ‘better metrics.’

And to top it off, we get to do some math! Come join us, let’s jam!

Slides from the talk can be found here.

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to Nov 14

Lean Agile KC

  • University of Kansas Edwards Campus - Best Building (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Dojo & Co is excited to be speaking at the Lean Agile KC conference. Join us for 2 hour workshop where you will learn and apply similar product thinking techniques that we use in the dojo, including OKRs, personas, and storymapping.  More information and registration can be found here -

Our slides for our workshop around Product Framing can be found here. Thanks to a very energetic group - great questions!

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to Oct 30

PrDC Deliver

Dojo & Co goes north of the border to hang with our friends in Winnipeg.  At PrDC Deliver, we will be delivering 2 sessions - 'Metrics that Matter - Moving from Simple to Impactful'; 'Blending Product Thinking with Architecture.'  More information and registration is here -

Here are our slides from our session on ‘Metrics that Matter - Moving from Simple to Impactful

InfoQ recorded this session. You can check it out here on InfoQ.

Here are our slides on ‘Blending Product Thinking with Architecture

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to May 18

Dojos; Product Thinking in Architecture @ Agile & Beyond

Join us at Agile & Beyond for 2 sessions. The first is how Dojos help create environments of continuous learning and experimentation.  Our second session is a deeper dive into one technique we use in the dojo around blending product thinking with systems architecture.

Bring your questions and join us for what looks like a great conference.

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