Dojo and Co



Coaching in the dojo is different than traditional coaching. Coaching is focused on learning over delivery. Dojo coaches must learn how to make this shift in mindset and develop a set of coaching techniques for fostering learning that supplement the current coaching techniques they’ve developed.

But How Do You Coach for Learning?

The workshop will guide participants in understanding the dojo model and the dojo lifecycle. Coaches will understand how they are crucial for successfully onboarding teams during the intake stage. They’ll learn a set of practices for working with teams to foster learning and knowledge creation. In addition, they’ll learn how to practice their coaching techniques and mentor coaches new to the dojo model.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding how to execute the entire dojo life cycle including intake process for teams, chartering dojo engagements, the format of the engagements, and post-dojo follow-up

  •  Coaching for learning vs coaching for delivery

  • The seven roles of a dojo coach

  • Designing exercises for knowledge creation

  • Tacit vs Explicit knowledge and the implications for learning in the dojo

  • Effective ways of practicing coaching techniques within the coaching group

  • How to mentor new dojo coaches

Participants will leave this workshop with all the knowledge they need to coach in a dojo in their organization. Like the dojo itself, the workshop is an immersive learning experience combining presentations and interactive experiences covering all aspects of dojo coaching.

(Not sure what a dojo is? Check out our blog.)


Schedule Overview (2 days)


  • Dojo engagement life cycle

  • Defining offerings (types of engagements)

  • The coaches’ role during the intake process

  • Chartering Teams

  • Product Discovery practices for building dojo backlogs

  • Defining backlogs for continuous delivery pipeline improvement with value stream mapping


  • Core coaching skills (active listening, framing questions, storytelling, teaching)

  • The seven roles of a dojo coach

  • Coaching for knowledge creation

  • Tacit vs explicit knowledge

  • Using the dojo to make larger organizational changes

  • Practicing coaching techniques

  • Growing dojo coaches


Intended Audience

Anyone interested in coaching in a dojo in their organization. This includes scrum masters, agile coaches, and people new to coaching. It includes people interested in agile coaching, technical coaching, and product coaching. It also includes dojo product owners who want to gain a better understanding of the dojo product by understanding its key offering - dojo coaching.

This workshop is also available as on-site workshop. For more information, please contact us at