Continuous Learning - Talking, Improving, and Learning across Domains

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We’re excited to be partnering with Mark Graban in presenting a new “conference” on creating learning organizations. Mark is and is an engaging speaker. We look forward to learning from him ourselves (see his book Measures of Success).

The event is on September 26th & 27th. As we write this, there are only 5 seats left. More information and registration details are available here.

Why are we so excited about this conference?

It’s about Learning & Improvement

We’ve been working in the agile, lean, and DevOps spaces for years. Over the last five years, we’ve found our niche helping organizations embrace learning and continuous improvement. This conference is about that topic. It’s not about the process or technology. Instead, it focuses on these questions - how do we create spaces where people are engaged and continuously improving? How do we make it so that learning isn't a special one-off event? How do we make people’s lives better (isn't that what it is all about)?

The Conference is Hands On and Experiential

The conference is different by design. Mark, Dion, and Joel will have a small amount of content to deliver. Attendees will be experiencing events and sharing insights with each other rather than attending prepared sessions typical of most conferences.

We’re starting with a tour of a Toyota plant and seeing how improvement is a way of life there. We'll then visit a craft whiskey distillery that applies lean startup principles and we’ll experience a real world “beer game”. That’s just the first day!

The second day has more experience-based learning with Mark, Dion, and Joel leading short sessions in the morning. We’ll then have open space where we learn and share with each other.

This conference will be different.

Diverse Attendees

Principles of learning and improvement are not isolated to any one domain. The attendees who’ve already registered come from a variety of domains (financial, legal, government, retail, and IT). The diverse domains, backgrounds, and experiences people are bringing will enhance this experience even further.

The Concept Excites People

The idea for this conference started months ago with the three of us asking “Wouldn't something like this be cool”? But ideas are cheap, and you don't really know if they are interesting until you get feedback. So, we decided to try this conference out as a little experiment. We started by asking people if the concept was interesting. We quickly heard a resounding “Yes''. That was nice, but once it came to commit the time and money would there still be that level of interest? There was. And the feedback we have received tells us people are excited.

These are some of the many reasons we hope to see you there. Join us September 26th & 27th. Come learn and experience with us and Mark! Register here

See you in San Antonio!

Dion & Joel


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